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IL-6 Plays a Pivotal Role in RA

IL-6 is one of the most abundant cytokines in the synovial fluid of the inflamed joints of patients with RA1,2

IL-6 is associated with articular and systemic RA symptoms, including2-6:

  • IL-6 is associated with articular and systemic RA symptoms, including2-6:

    • Osteoclast activity that leads to structural damage through bone resorption2,7

    • Fatigue2,7

    • Morning stiffness8,9

  • IL-6 plays a direct role in inflammation and autoimmunity in RA10,11

The widespread effects of the multifunctional cytokine IL-6 stem from its ability to bind to and signal via both soluble and membrane-bound receptors2,7

IL-6=interleukin-6; RA=rheumatoid arthritis.

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